Welcome to the Kanata Learning Centre

We offer a full range of education services in French, high school math (French and English), sciences (French and English) and English, as well as our usual range of learning skills/ reading / writing / fine motor services. Along with our added availability in French and high school level courses, as always, study skills, exam prep and organization will be worked on alongside the academics.

We offer education services Mondays through Friday from 4-8 pm as well as all day Saturday.

All of our full services are available as in person sessions, or remote sessions.

Our services and programs are all supervised by Dr. Rebecca Moore, Director of the Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre. Not only does this mean your child's progress and program is monitored by our psychologist, it also means that all of our services are claimable under most benefit plans.

While we are currently embracing social distancing, our educators are equipped to provide our individualized education services through video.

In addition, our award winning Read LS program is available for home use.

Please contact us to set up or continue your services by e-mailing us at barnes@kanatalearningcentre.com

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Is your child struggling or refusing to attend school? Do you need support in navigating the school system and understanding your child’s IEP? Are you wondering whether your child has a learning disability, has significant struggles in reading and writing or just needs extra support? We can help. At the Kanata Learning Centre, we provide comprehensive and individualized services to help your child thrive and to support you along the way. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your child. 

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About the Kanata Learning Centre

The Kanata Learning Centre came into existence in response to a growing awareness of the lack of resources within the school system and the community to support children and youth with learning needs. With extensive experience in school psychology and special education and a passion for helping children, our goal is to bridge that gap, enabling your child to reach his or her potential. We are the only education centre in Ottawa that has a full-time psychologist on staff to assist in the creation and implementation of our education plans.

In contrast to most tutoring programs, our mandate is to create an individualized program for your child based on their profile of learning strengths and needs, which is designed to enhance their development and performance at school and at home. Whether your child comes to us as a supplement to school, or during school hours, our goal is to work collaboratively with you, your child, and your child’s school, to help remove barriers to learning, and to increase your child’s motivation and self-confidence. In addition, many of our services are covered by health insurance plans. Contact us for more information on this.

We offer specialized programming to target specific areas of remediation, such as reading, writing, and math. We also offer support in developing tools and accommodations for other learning challenges, such as fine motor skills and executive functioning challenges. We understand that parents are highly invested in their children’s well-being and success, as they are their children’s primary advocates. We offer support, guidance, and advocacy services to parents navigating the school system.


We are affiliated with the Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre, which, among other services, provides psychoeducational assessments and school consultation services for families with children experiencing school-related challenges. We are open to the public, and look forward to the opportunity to help children and youth in our community reach their potential.

Our Administrative Team 

Dr. Rebecca Moore

Director, Kanata Learning Centre

C.Psych. Clinical and School Psychologist

Staff - Kanata Learning Centre

I am a school and clinical psychologist registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. I have worked in a variety of settings since 2003, including inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, community mental health clinics, private practice settings and schools. I spent 3 years working with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and eventually opened my own private practice, the Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre. Kanata Psychology has been in existence since 2014 and has been at the forefront of providing mental health services to Ottawa’s west end. I am pleased to now be able to provide educational services to these same communities.   I have a particular interest in school psychology and believe that all children should be provided the opportunity to achieve to their maximum potential. Children may struggle in school for a variety of reasons, including problems with attention and concentration, learning disabilities, gifted ability, or emotional difficulties. As a school psychologist my goal is to clarify the child’s profile of intellectual strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and academic skills, in order to determine the best way to help the child succeed. Understanding a child’s unique learning profile can also enable parents and teachers provide support and accommodations and utilize children’s strengths, enabling them to become more proficient and confident learners. 

Elizabeth Barnes

Centre Coordinator, Kanata Learning Centre

I have been working in the education and community service settings for over twenty years. I consider myself a late bloomer, as I did not attend university until my youngest child at the time was in school full time. It is through my experience of raising a young family while studying full time, combined with my many years as a foster parent and adoptive parent that I gained insight into all aspects of our school systems, support services that are available, and how to effectively advocate for a child’s needs, all the while building and maintaining strong and healthy relationships between school officials, families, and other dedicated professionals who may be involved in the life of a child. It really does take a village to raise a child.

I believe that every child has a right to an equal opportunity to learn in an environment that meets their needs. My role at Kanata Learning Centre allows me to use my experience, knowledge and passion to help those who need it most…children and youth who are struggling to get their academic, emotional and social needs met. In addition, I am able to offer support and information to parents as they navigate the school systems, advocate for services for their children, and work with the school as a team to best support their child.

Our Educators

Megan Campbell – MADS, BCBA

I’m a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and have experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities.  I have worked 1:1, in small groups, and using the consultative model to implement and supervise behaviour support programs. I enjoy building on learners’ existing skills and also  teaching new skills while taking into consideration personal learning styles. There is nothing more rewarding to me than building a reinforcing relationship and environment where a child feels comfortable to learn.

Akshat Datta

I am a second-year teacher candidate at the University of Ottawa, my primary teachable being Intermediate/Senior English. Before moving to Ottawa, I attended the University of Western Ontario, where I completed an honours and a Master's degree in English Literature. I have a variety of classroom experience that I have accumulated over the years through various kinds of mentorship programs, volunteer work, and placements in tutorial classrooms and high school classrooms here in Ottawa. Over the years I have worked hard to develop, test, and refine a classroom philosophy and practice that models respect and tolerance, nurtures inclusivity and open discussion, and empowers students to be more confident and curious about their interests and aims. As any good English teacher would remind you: reading carefully and thinking critically are central to a well-informed and educated citizenry. Outside the classroom, you will likely find me at a bookshop or park, reading. When I am not reading, I like a strong cup of coffee, a good conversation, followed by a long walk.

Mita Patel

As a Computer Engineer with a passion for Creative Writing, I strive to balance my uber-serious, problem-solving side with my more care-free, artistic side. I have over seven years of experience in tutoring both mathematics and English. My goal is to create an environment where students feel safe to explore, make mistakes, are empowered to push boundaries, and have lots of fun along the way! I’m obsessed with the beauty of mathematics – patterns in nature, fractals, math & art, as well as the history of great mathematicians. I recently completed my Certificate in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto, where I was fortunate to be under the instruction of some amazing Canadian authors and poets. I love to travel and have been to over 30 countries. In my spare time, you can usually find me at my favourite bookstore, curled up with a cup of tea and a good book.  

Helen Harrison

Born and raised in the UK, I moved to the Kanata area 14 years ago and I’m so glad I did.  I could not have chosen a better place to raise my two daughters, both of whom are now university students.  Working as an educator for over 10 years, mostly specializing in the ESL field, I found great success in engaging and building strong relationships with students. I particularly love working with children and young adults. My approach to teaching is based on the premise that all students can learn and be successful, once we find the best way to teach them.

Jamie Powers

I am a teacher with the OCSB and have just returned to Canada after 7 years abroad, two years in the UK and 5 years in the United Arab of Emirates (Dubai) where I worked as a teacher. I am originally from Barrie/Orillia Ontario but now call Stittsville/Kanata home. I have an undergrad degree in French Language and European Studies from the University of Guelph. I completed my Bachelor of Education at Tyndale College in Toronto and completed my Master of Professional Education at the University of Western Ontario. I have a wide range of teaching experience, teaching everything from JK-Grade 2 Physical Education, Grade 3, 4 and 5 (core subjects) as well as Grade 10-12 Religion.  I always had a passion for working with children and supporting their growth and learning whether that be on the ice coaching a learn to skate program (figure skating) to volunteering in schools and early year centers. I truly believe that every child has the right to grow, learn and be successful. When I am not teaching, I love to spend my spare time on the ice (figure skating) or with family and friends. I also love travelling and exploring different cultures around the world as it believe there is so much we can learn from others.

Marianne Seguin

I am currently in my second year at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. Before attending the Faculty, I completed my Bachelor degree in French Studies. I am now a French as a second language teacher for adults. I have been tutoring kids from grade 1 to grade 10 for 3 years. I always wanted to teach and help kids and adults in order for them to succeed and achieve their goals. I really believe anyone can achieve anything they want with good support, fun and a safe environment. My philosophy is about learning through games and educational diversity. On my own time, I really like painting, hiking, training, fishing, photographing, discovering and listening to new music.  

Malcolm Latorre

I am an electrical engineer with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. I have a strong passion for the sciences and maths. I have extensive experience teaching young adults in their first years of university for more than a decade in both Canada and Sweden. I have taught both in a group setting as well as individuals. As a parent, I have been helping my children with their school homework through primary and secondary school. In my spare time, I enjoy working on electronics projects as a hobby.

Cassandra Bertrand

I am a second year teacher candidate at the University of Ottawa and I hold a Bachelors in History. I’ve worked with children for over 5 years either as a camp counselor, or after school homework helper and tutor. I’ve always had a passion to teach and help students grow academically. I want to be there to help them not only succeed but also push themselves to reach new goals. As a future teacher, I strive to help students grow confident in themselves whether it be academically or personally. I find it important that each student learn at their pace and I find that the best way to help a student succeed is to accommodate to their style of learning. Outside the classroom when I am not teaching, I love reading, painting, swimming, going on walks with my dog and spend time with friends and family.

Ben Lukenchuk

I am a first-year teacher candidate at the University of Ottawa. My teachable subjects are intermediate/senior math and history. I hold an honour’s degree (with distinction) in economics from the University of Victoria and a master’s degree in economics from McMaster University. I have over four years of experience tutoring math at various grade levels. I love math now, but I was certainly a late bloomer. I definitely understand the anxiety and difficulty that many people experience studying mathematics. I truly believe everyone can succeed in math and I love helping students reach their goals. At University, I was an award-winning teaching assistant for five years, where I wrote a textbook chapter and designed exam review sessions. For the last number of years, I have been a team lead at a debate summer camp I co-created. Last year, I designed an environmental policy simulation where students could actually interact with concepts like carbon taxes and cap and trade policy. Outside the classroom, I love triathlons, choir, Star Wars, and fun socks. Whenever possible, you will find me tutoring in Star Wars themed, fun socks. 

Guinevere Belyea-Munro

 I have 10 years of experience working with children from the ages of 1 to 18. During these past 10 years, I have greatly enjoyed helping young students find both confidence and pride in their school work. I have a Diploma in Outdoor Education and have now returned to school at the University of Ottawa where I am a 4th-year honors psychology undergraduate student. I plan to continue my education by working towards a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. Thanks to my background in psychology, I understand that each student is different and learns in different ways. I strongly believe that each and every student has the potential for achieving success and my goal is to help them do that by working one on one to find unique solutions to their challenges while encouraging their strengths. When I'm not studying or in class, I love to go hiking, painting with watercolours, taking care of my many plants, and listening to rock music.

Sadie Villeneuve

I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Special Education with a Concentration in Applied Behaviour Analysis, as work to become Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). I have experience working with individuals of all ages and abilities. As a young child I attended support programs such as those offered by Kanata Learning Centre. It is with this foundation that I am where I am today. Through individualized teaching, I believe that learning can and should be fun! In my spare time I love to spend it outside with friends and my pup Myka exploring trails and coffee shops.

Renata Pfeilsticker

I am a first-year teacher candidate at the University of Ottawa for intermediate/ senior Chemistry and Physics. I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Chemistry, a subject that I’ve been passionate about since Grade 9. During my Master’s at University of Ottawa I was a Teaching Assistant and that was the highlight of my graduate studies. I love being in the classroom and in the lab empowering students to learn actively and providing support when they need. I believe that science is fun, and I am motivated to make everyone see and experience that. When I am not teaching or learning something new, you will find me eating a snack, wearing non-matching socks and singing along to music. I enjoy making my own candles, baking sweet treats, and spending time with my family and cat (she’s the cutest!).

Why Us

Unlike other Learning Centres, Kanata Learning Centre provides innovative and evidence-based programming that is tailored and unique, while being overseen by our psychologist, Dr Rebecca Moore, C.Psych. We understand that children with learning needs often experience challenges with confidence and self-esteem. We consider the whole child in our implementation of their individualized program and provide a safe and nurturing environment in which they can thrive. 

We offer services after school, during school hours and on weekends, as a support to the school-provided programming. We understand that schools are experiencing increasing budgetary restraints and cutbacks. As much as they would like to provide the attention needed to each child, they simply do not have the resources to do so.

In addition to helping your child, we can also help you understand your child's IEP, what it is supposed to ensure and steps you can take to support the implementation of the IEP at school. 


Tutoring/Support Programs

Our education programs are tailored to your child's needs. We know that there are many reasons that you have come to us looking for help. Perhaps your child is struggling, but you are not sure why. Maybe your child's teacher has told you that they need extra help in reading or math. Perhaps your child is a high school student refusing to attend school. Anxiety, mental health challenges, giftedness, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD are only some of the reasons that children may need extra support and attention. We will collaborate with you, review any IEP and work with your child's teacher to develop a program designed to help your child become an engaged, active learner while building their confidence.


ReadLS is a home or centre-based multi-sensory training program which combines sound with visual to stimulate the vestibular and auditory and visual systems. 

Read LS has bee designed for students 5 years up to adulthood who suffer from:

  • Weak Reading Skills
  • Dyslexia
  • Low self-esteem when reading
  • Good Reading Skills but cannot recall what was read
  • Auditory processing difficulty
  • Eye movement control difficulty
  • ESL Students

ReadLS is much more user-friendly than any other cognitive training reading programs and integrates some of the most advanced technology to help struggling readers.

The games LSWorks develops incorporate everything we know about learning, and where things can go wrong. Our exclusive game-based platform keeps students engaged and motivated for the duration of the program. 

What is LSWorks or ReadLS?

By grade 3, children are usually expected to be reading to learn, rather than learning to read, but reading remains difficult for up to 30% of students. ReadLS from LSWorks is designed for anyone over 5 years of age who meets any of the following criteria:

• Their reading age appears to have reached a plateau and falls further and further behind with each passing year.

• They have been diagnosed with dyslexia or a learning disorder.

• They have trouble picking up the skill due to ADHD or ASD.

• They have difficulty carrying out oral instructions.

• They have poor reading, spelling or writing skills.

• They have good reading skills but can’t recall what they’ve read.

• Their reading skills are normal but they feel discomfort or suffer from fatigue when reading.

• They have poor working memory.

• They feel uncomfortable looking at black letters on white paper, or white letters on a blackboard.

• They have eye movement control problems.

How does ReadLS work?

• Leverages the power of engagement 

With exciting gameplays, points system and fun graphics.

• Boosts phonemic awareness 

By separating words into individual sounds and gradually introducing blends.

• Uses a targeted multi-sensory approach 

To create connections between the auditory and visual pathways required for fluent reading.

• Process oriented 

Gameplays specifically designed to strengthen coding and decoding skills.

• Improves eye movement control 

With game plays designed to strengthen eye tracking in all directions.

• Helps improve executive functioning skills 

Through multiple simultaneous demands, performance feedback and problem solving

Kanata Learning Centre FAQs

How does the process work?

You will meet for an initial intake session to provide background information and to enable us to assess your child’s needs. This process involves an interview as well as the completion of several forms that provide us with a clear picture of your child’s developmental and school history. Together we determine your priorities for your child’s learning and we develop a program to meet your goals. Your child may then undergo an academic assessment to clarify their achievement level and learning needs. Depending on the particular needs of your child, they may participate in specialized targeted skills training (i.e., reading program), or they may begin with regular weekly sessions to support their ongoing school success. You are provided with regular feedback regarding your child’s progress.

What is the cost of your education services?

Costs vary depending on the specific services provided. Your child may benefit from an initial assessment by our Learning Centre staff. This assessment provides us with an up to date snapshot of your child’s current academic achievement level, as well as insight into their learning styles. Is your child a visual learner or an auditory learner? Perhaps they are a combination of both. Are they part to whole, or whole to part? This is all very important information…for us, for teachers, and for you as parents. That being said, this assessment is optional and not required. Note: If your child has a recent psycho-educational evaluation from any psychologist, this initial assessment will not be necessary.

How can I register my child?

There are basically two avenues whereby your child might come to attend the Kanata Learning Centre. You may have had your child assessed by Dr Moore and associates, or you may have found us on your own, and are looking for academic and school support services for your child. Regardless of how you found us, we are glad that you did! Give is a call at 613-435-2729, e-mail us at office@kanatalearningcentre.com or fill out the webform below!

Who are your instructors?

Our instructors are carefully chosen to ensure that they are able to understand the needs of each and every child. Prescriptive teachers need not apply. Our instructors need to have instinct, insight, empathy and the knowledge and experience needed to reach your child wherever they are at this moment in their development.

What will my child DO at the KLC?

Once your child is registered and has a program with us, it will look like this: Each child has an individualized program. Depending on your child’s needs, it will include, language, math, fine motor skills and ‘fun’ stuff, which is learning material designed as breaks. This could be blocks, flashcards, body breaks, a board game, or a 10-minute talk on any topic (very popular with our adolescent set). The time with us will pass quickly, and your child will not even realize the important academic and social building blocks being achieved.

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