Is your 3 – 6-year-old struggling with the transition to school due to behavioural, developmental, or mental health concerns?

In responding to needs of the community, we’ve expanded our school prep program to children with or without a diagnosis that present with behaviour or emotional difficulties.

*New* School Transitions Program

Taking Registrations for September 2019

  • Small-group-based therapeutic intervention program for children with behavioural, mental health, or developmental concerns. 
  • Integrating evidence-based approaches from the fields of psychology, education, applied behavioural analysis, and expertise in typical child development to ensure maximum generalization of skills.
  • Targeting key school readiness skills, such as, independent dressing and toileting, play skills, peer interaction and social skills, self-regulation, circle time, pre-academic skills, following receptive group instructions, and independence with snack time.
  • Individualized, data-based programming in a small-group, play-based, supportive setting.7
  • Highly trained instructors who are experts in the delivery of ABA services, who have experience in a variety of educational and therapeutic settings, and are supervised by two psychologists with years of experience working with children with a variety of special needs.
  • Half-day program to allow for community, preschool, or school integration as appropriate. 

We offer:

Morning or Afternoon Program (depending on sufficient numbers of registrants)

Hours: 8:30-11:30; 12:30-3:30

Low ratio: 4 children: 1 adult (class size up to 16 children)

Cost: $1200 per month for 10 months

For children who have been assessed and diagnosed with ASD, ADHD, anxiety, or other behavioural or mental health concerns, as well as those who are having difficulties but may not yet be formally identified.

Approved by Autism Ontario as an official OAP Service Provider.

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Kanata Learning Centre

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Is your child struggling in school? Do you need support in navigating the school system and understanding your child’s IEP? Are you wondering whether your child has a learning disability or just needs extra support? We can help. At the Kanata Learning Centre, we provide comprehensive and individualized services to help your child thrive and to support you along the way. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your child. 

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About the Kanata Learning Centre

The Kanata Learning Centre came into existence in response to a growing awareness of the lack of resources within the school system and the community to support children and youth with learning needs. With extensive experience in school psychology and special education and a passion for helping children, our goal is to bridge that gap, enabling your child to reach his or her potential.

In contrast to most tutoring programs, our mandate is to create an individualized program for your child based on their profile of learning strengths and needs, which is designed to enhance their development and performance at school and at home. Whether your child comes to us as a supplement to school, or during school hours, our goal is to work collaboratively with you, your child, and your child’s school, to help remove barriers to learning, and to increase your child’s motivation and self-confidence. 

We offer specialized programming to target specific areas of remediation, such as reading, writing, and math. We also offer support in developing tools and accommodations for other learning challenges, such as fine motor skills and executive functioning challenges. We understand that parents are highly invested in their children’s well-being and success, as they are their children’s primary advocates. We offer support, guidance, and advocacy services to parents navigating the school system.


We are affiliated with the Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre, which, among other services, provides psychoeducational assessments and school consultation services for families with children experiencing school-related challenges. We are open to the public, and look forward to the opportunity to help children and youth in our community reach their potential.

Our Team 

Dr. Rebecca Moore

Director, Kanata Learning Centre

C.Psych. Clinical and School Psychologist

Staff - Kanata Learning Centre

I am a school and clinical psychologist registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. I have worked in a variety of settings since 2003, including inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, community mental health clinics, private practice settings and schools. I spent 3 years working with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and eventually opened my own private practice, the Kanata Psychology and Counselling Centre. Kanata Psychology has been in existence since 2014 and has been at the forefront of providing mental health services to Ottawa’s west end. I am pleased to now be able to provide educational services to these same communities. 


I have a particular interest in school psychology and believe that all children should be provided the opportunity to achieve to their maximum potential. Children may struggle in school for a variety of reasons, including problems with attention and concentration, learning disabilities, gifted ability, or emotional difficulties. As a school psychologist my goal is to clarify the child’s profile of intellectual strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and academic skills, in order to determine the best way to help the child succeed. Understanding a child’s unique learning profile can also enable parents and teachers provide support and accommodations and utilize children’s strengths, enabling them to become more proficient and confident learners. 

Why Us

Unlike other Learning Centres, Kanata Learning Centre provides innovative and evidence-based programming that is tailored and unique, while being overseen by our psychologist, Dr Rebecca Moore, C.Psych. We understand that children with learning needs often experience challenges with confidence and self-esteem. We consider the whole child in our implementation of their individualized program and provide a safe and nurturing environment in which they can thrive. 

We offer services after school and during school hours, as a support to the school-provided programming. We understand that schools are experiencing increasing budgetary restraints and cutbacks. As much as they would like to provide the attention needed to each child, they simply do not have the resources to do so.

In addition to helping your child, we can also help you understand your child’s IEP, what it is supposed to ensure and steps you can take to support the implementation of the IEP at school. 


Tutoring/Support Programs

Our tutoring programs are tailored to your child’s needs. We know that there are many reasons that you have come to us looking for help. Perhaps your child is struggling, but you are not sure why. Maybe your child’s teacher has told you that they need extra help in reading or math. Anxiety, mental health challenges, giftedness, Learning Disabilities, and ADHD are only some of the reasons that children may need extra support and attention. We will collaborate with you to develop a program designed to help your child become an engaged, active learner while building their confidence.


ReadON is an AI based cognitive remediation for struggling readers due to Learning Differences, ADHD, Autism Spectrum & Aphasiaof 15 weeks of targeted cognitive training and reading instruction. ReadON is an unprecedented and engaging, process oriented program that uses fast moving graphics, differential sound and a multi-sensory approach to build phonemic awareness, graphemic knowledge and language structure. Our exclusive game-based platform keeps students engaged and motivated for the duration of the program. 

What is ReadON?

By grade 3, children are usually expected to be reading to learn, rather than learning to read, but reading remains difficult for up to 30% of students. ReadON is designed for anyone over 6 years of age who meets any of the following criteria:

• Their reading age appears to have reached a plateau and falls further and further behind with each passing year.

• They have been diagnosed with dyslexia or a learning disorder.

• They have trouble picking up the skill due to ADHD or ASD.

• They have difficulty carrying out oral instructions.

• They have poor reading, spelling or writing skills.

• They have good reading skills but can’t recall what they’ve read.

• Their reading skills are normal but they feel discomfort or suffer from fatigue when reading.

• They have poor working memory.

• They feel uncomfortable looking at black letters on white paper, or white letters on a blackboard.

• They have eye movement control problems.

How does ReadON work?

• Leverages the power of engagement 

With exciting gameplays, points system and fun graphics.

• Boosts phonemic awareness 

By separating words into individual sounds and gradually introducing blends.

• Uses a targeted multi-sensory approach 

To create connections between the auditory and visual pathways required for fluent reading.

• Process oriented 

Gameplays specifically designed to strengthen coding and decoding skills.

• Improves eye movement control 

With game plays designed to strengthen eye tracking in all directions.

• Helps improve executive functioning skills 

Through multiple simultaneous demands, performance feedback and problem solving

Reading and the Visual Component

A substantial percentage of individuals with reading difficulties can have a degree of eccentricity or instability in one eye or the other, or both, of varying severity. Ocular research has shown that eccentricity, depending upon its degree and its location on the retina, can reduce processing speed. This can create processing speed differences that make it difficult to synchronize visual and auditory processing. Skilled readers start reading subconsciously in peripheral vision on their right. By the time the sentence being read reaches central vision, the sentence is largely understood. There is about a 50 millisecond pause in which the sentence needs to be checked and confirmed. Taking longer than 50 milliseconds causes the sentence to “drop out” of working memory, requiring the reader to go back to the beginning to start again. This is why every component of the visual system needs to be working at peak performance. ReadON uses brain plasticity principles in both the auditory and visual areas, identified by brain imaging research as being key causes of reading disorders including dyslexia. 

Reading and Auditory Processing

Auditory processing issues (not to be confused with hearing problems) often overlap with ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities. If the brain is unable to identify and form sounds  clearly and accurately, then it will not be able to build words from the sequence of phonemes a person is reading. After our eyes visually process the symbols on the page, our  brain has to be able to assign a sound to the symbols, and it has to be able to blend those sounds together to create meaningful words and sentences. When there is a glitch in this step, fluency and comprehension become impossible, and working memory kicks into overdrive to try to compensate for the inability of the brain to automatically convert these blended sounds into meaning. Reading in this constant state of sound-by-sound decoding is exhausting for the student. 


How does the process work?

You will meet for an initial intake session to provide background information and to enable us to assess your child’s needs. This process involves an interview as well as the completion of several forms that provide us with a clear picture of your child’s developmental and school history. Together we determine your priorities for your child’s learning and we develop a program to meet your goals. Your child may then undergo an academic assessment to clarify their achievement level and learning needs. Depending on the particular needs of your child, they may participate in specialized targeted skills training (i.e., reading program), or they may begin with regular weekly sessions to support their ongoing school success. You are provided with regular feedback regarding your child’s progress.

How much does tutoring cost?

Costs vary depending on the specific services provided. Your child may benefit from an initial assessment by our Learning Centre staff. This assessment provides us with an up to date snapshot of your child’s current academic achievement level, as well as insight into their learning styles. Is your child a visual learner or an auditory learner? Perhaps they are a combination of both. Are they part to whole, or whole to part? This is all very important information…for us, for teachers, and for you as parents. That being said, this assessment is optional and not required. Note: If your child has a recent psycho-educational evaluation from any psychologist, this initial assessment will not be necessary.

How can I register my child?

There are basically two avenues whereby your child might come to attend the Kanata Learning Centre. You may have had your child assessed by Dr Moore and associates, or you may have found us on your own, and are looking for academic and school support services for your child. Regardless of how you found us, we are glad that you did! Give is a call at 613-435-2729, e-mail us at or fill out the webform below!

Who are your instructors?

Our instructors are carefully chosen to ensure that they are able to understand the needs of each and every child. Prescriptive teachers need not apply. Our instructors need to have instinct, insight, empathy and the knowledge and experience needed to reach your child wherever they are at this moment in their development.

What will my child DO at the KLC?

Once your child is registered and has a program with us, it will look like this: Each child has an individualized program. Depending on your child’s needs, it will include, language, math, fine motor skills and ‘fun’ stuff, which is learning material designed as breaks. This could be blocks, flashcards, body breaks, a board game, or a 10-minute talk on any topic (very popular with our adolescent set). The time with us will pass quickly, and your child will not even realize the important academic and social building blocks being achieved.

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